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December 26, 2008
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Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98

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SuperCalc is a powerful and feature-rich software calculator.

By E-PRESS Corp about SuperCalc

SuperCalc was a Spreadsheet application published by Sorcim in 1980, and originally bundled (along with WordStar) as part of the CP/M software package included with the Osborne 1 portable computer.

An improvement over VisiCalc, SuperCalc was notable for being one of the first spreadsheet programs capable of iteratively solving circular references (cells that depend on each other's results). It would be over 10 years after the introduction of SuperCalc before this feature was implemented in Microsoft Excel, although in Lotus 1-2-3, manual programming of iterative Logic could also be used to solve this issue.

Versions of SuperCalc were later released for the Apple II family, for PCs running DOS, and, after Sorcim was bought by Computer Associates (CA) in the mid-1980s, for MS Windows (under the name CA-SuperCalc).
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